Tuesday, December 18, 2018

30 Miles from Nowhere Turns a Reunion into a Nightmare: Release Details

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A trailer for 30 Miles to Nowhere was released this past October. This horror thriller also has a recent showing in Melbourne, Australia. Now, this feature will have a wider release, in North America, in March. Shot partially in Illinois, 30 Miles from Nowhere was directed by Caitlin Koller. As well, the film stars Emmy winner Carrie Preston ("True Blood"), Rob Benedict ("Supernatural") and Rusty Schwimmer (The Perfect Storm). More details on the film's upcoming home entertainment release are hosted here.

The story involves a reunion. Involving several friends, they all meet to honour the passing of college friend Max (Andrew Rothenberg). After a psychological study fell apart, Max took his own life. Now, his friends are uncovering parts of his past, that they wish they had never seen.

The home entertainment release is scheduled for March 5th. To appear on DVD and Digital, 30 Miles from Nowhere will be distributed by 4Digital Media. And, fans of indie horror features can check out the film then, with pre-orders available shortly.

Release Date: March 5th, 2019 (DVD, Digital).

Director: Caitlin Koller.

Writer: Seana Kofoed.

Cast: Carrie Preston, Rob Benedict, Rusty Schwimmer and Cathy Shim.

The film's official trailer (courtesy of Monster Pictures):

A 30 Miles from Nowhere Official Website: The 30 Miles from Nowhere Homepage

Source: 30 Miles from Nowhere at Raven Banner Entertainment

Pre-orders will be available here, shortly:

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