Monday, September 17, 2018

Reborn Brings an Electrical Charge to Santa Monica this Year

Tagline: "She's Not Happy."

Reborn is an upcoming horror film, from director Julian Richards (Shiver, 2012). Written by Michael Mahin, this title involves a stillborn baby, eletrokinetic power and one angry young woman. After the baby is brought back to life, the child has new electrical powers. Reborn was developed by New Normal Productions and Jinga Films. Shooting has been completed on this production. And, this title stars: Michael Pare (Gone, 2012), Barbara Campton (Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich), Kayleigh Gilbert and Chaz Bono. A trailer is coming soon. For now, a couple of stills and a concept poster are available.

Reborn will attend the American Film Market, in Santa Monica. This event, held every November, will hosts hundreds of films, agents and filmmakers. One of dozens of horror movies, Reborn will be in attendance and looking to show in several territories, across the world.

Reborn was filmed in Los Angeles, California. With a runtime of 80 minutes, this horror feature brings a bit of Stephen King's Firestarter and a bit of Carrie to the screen. More details, on Reborn, will be posted once they become available.

Director: Julian Richards.

Writer: Michael Mahin.

Stars: Michael Paré, Chaz Bono, Barbara Crampton and Kayleigh Gilbert.

*a trailer is coming soon.

The film's homepage: A Reborn Official Website

Source: Reborn at the Film Catalogue

There have been a few remakes and sequels over the years, but the original Carrie (1976) remains the best:

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