Friday, September 14, 2018

A Sibling Mystery Faces a Thief-in-the-Night this September 18th!

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A Sibling Mystery is one part suspense and one part comedy. From directors Dan Erickson and Rachel Wortell, this indie film title will show on Digital platforms, next week, through Global Digital Releasing. In the film, two siblings squabble over a party and their lottery winnings. When their winning lottery ticket goes missing, they put on their detective hats - to find the thief. A Sibling Mystery stars: Lily Meyer (Romance Analyst), Keith Bethea, Becky Abrams, Eamon Monaghan, Jess Magee and many others. A preview of the film's mid-September launch is hosted here.

A Sibling Mystery has had a few film festival appearances. This witty feature has shown at: the Vail Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Soho International and the illustrious Mill Valley Film Festival. The film has completed its film festival circuit, recently.

Now, fans of indie thrillers can find A Sibling Mystery on Digital platforms, in just a few days. This title will show on: Amazon Instant, Vudu and iTunes (Canada, U.S., Ireland and the UK). This title is also expected to show on DVD, at a later date. All of the latest details, on A Sibling Mystery, are hosted here.

Release Date: September 18th, 2018 (Digital).

Directors/writers: Dan Erickson, Rachel Wortell.

Cast: Lily Meyer, Keith Bethea, Becky Abrams, Eamon Monaghan, Jess Magee, Michele Hierholzer and Phillip John Velasco Gabriel.

The official trailer for A Sibling Mystery (courtesy of GDR):

The film's homepage: A Sibling Mystery Official Website

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GDR also released thriller The Mourning Hills, recently:

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