Friday, April 06, 2018

H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon to Recruit More Cult Followers on Blu-ray this July 24th!

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Dagon is set to be released on Blu-ray for the first time. As part of the Vestron Video Collector's Series, Dagon will be released in a limited edition Blu-ray, this Summer; Lionsgate will handle the latest launch. Dagon was originally released in 2001. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's short stories ("Dagon" & "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"), Dagon is a tale of a strange seaside town, a cult and a few stranded boaters. There might be a sacrifice or two, as well. A preview of Blu-ray release, for Dagon, are hosted here.

The Blu-ray will host a number of new special features. All of the commentaries will be included, with director Stuart Gordon and Denis Paoli. The new features include: a "Gods and Monsters" discussion with the director (by Mick Garris) and a "Shadows over Imboca" interview with producer Brian Yuzna, other interviews and a conceptual art gallery - by Richard Raaphorst. All of these extras will be hosted alongside lots of extras, already released. A complete list of Blu-ray special features are hosted below, along with the original 2001 trailer.

Release Date: July 24th, 2018 (Blu-ray).

Director: Stuart Gordon.

Writers: H.P. Lovecraft and Dennis Paoli.

Cast: Ezra Godden, Francisco Rabal, Raquel Meroño and Macarena Gómez.

The film's original 2001 trailer:

*a suggested retail price of $39.97.

**a full list of Blu-ray special features:

-Audio Commentary with Director Stuart Gordon and Screenwriter Denis Paoli
-Audio Commentary with Director Stuart Gordon and Star Ezra Godden
-NEW – “Gods & Monsters” – A discussion with Director Stuart Gordon, Interviewed by Filmmaker Mick Garris
-NEW – “Shadows over Imboca” – An Interview with Producer Brian Yuzna
-NEW – “Fish Stories” – An Interview with S.T. Joshi, author of I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H.P. Lovecraft
-Vintage EPK
-Archival Interviews with Stuart Gordon, Ezra Godden, and other Cast & Crew
-Theatrical Trailer
-NEW – Conceptual Art Gallery from Artist Richard Raaphorst
-Storyboard Gallery
-Still Gallery

Source: Dagon at Horror Fix

Lionsgate also released the Dagon DVD in 2004:

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