Thursday, February 22, 2018

Slasher Clown Feature Terrifier Brings More Bloody Mayhem to Theatres

Terrifer is an upcoming film from director Damien Leone. In the film, a killer clown attacks three young women, on Halloween night. The violence and terror only fuels this clown's desire for more blood. As well, Terrifier is being released by both Epic Pictures Releasing and Dread Central Presents. The film stars: Jenna Kanell (The Bye Bye Man), Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 1 & 2), Margaret Reed, and David Howard Thornton. This slasher feature begins a theatrical run in mid-March, followed by a U.S. nationwide release on Digital platforms. A preview of the film's upcoming release is hosted here.

The Red Band trailer for Terrifier shows many of the film's more gruesome images. The clown's victims are confident at first, in that they can handle a scary clown. But, when the weapons are out, the girls flee into a warehouse - for dissection!

Terrifier brings its central character from 2013's All Hallows' Eve. And, the film's launch begins in just a few weeks. Viewers of the trailer below will recognize this clown from the All Hallows' Eve anthology. His antics cause much of this earlier film's chaos. On March 15th and 16th, horror fans can see more of this clown's bloodletting in several U.S. theatres. This release is followed by another. On March 27th, Terrifier will be available on most major Digital platforms, for horror fans to view. All of the latest release details on this "gory slasher throwback" are hosted below.

Release Date: March 15th and 16th, 2018 (Limited Theatrical) and March 27th (Digital).

Director/writer: Damien Leone.

Cast: Catherine Corcoran, Jenna Kanell, Margaret Reed.

The trailer for Terrifier (trailer is NSFW):

Terrifier at Epic Pictures: Terrifer Details at Epic Pictures

The film from which the characters were drawn from - All Hallows' Eve:

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