Thursday, February 22, 2018

IFC Midnight's Pyewacket Practices the Dark Arts in the United States this March 23rd!

Tagline: "Be Careful What You Wish For, Someone Might Be Listening."

Backcountry director Adam MacDonald returns to horror with Pyewacket. This dark tale, shot in Canada, involves death magic and a curse. A mother and daughter relationship is strained, after the death of Leah's (Nicole Muñoz) father. Pyewacket also stars: Laurie Holden ("The Walking Dead"), Chloe Rose (Hellions), and James McGowan (Suicide Squad). This indie horror film is slated for a March release, in the U.S. IFC Midnight will handle the multi-platform release. And, the official trailer and poster are hosted here, in advance of the film's U.S. launch.

The long synopsis talks of Leah's exploration of the occult. She makes contact with a demon, alleviating her grief. However, her target is her own mother. Now, Pyewacket, an evil demon, demands a bloody sacrifice.

Pyewacket will show across the world, beginning in March. The film is already slated for a European premiere, at Glasgow's Frightfest; this showing takes place on March 3rd. This release will be followed by another, in the United Kingdom. This second release takes place on April 16th. In the U.S., Pyewacket will show in a few theatres on March 23rd. Digital platforms will also host the film on this date. Of course, a wide Canadian release is still a ways off. All of the latest details on Pyewacket are hosted below.

Release Date: March 23rd, 2018 (U.S., Digital, Limited Theatrical) and April 16th (U.K., Digital) and April 23rd (U.K., DVD).

Director/writer: Adam MacDonald.

Cast: Nicole Muñoz, Laurie Holden, Chloe Rose

The official U.S. release trailer:

Source: Pyewacket at Quiet Earth

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