Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Artsploitation Films Acquires Trauma for U.S. Shores: A Preview (Not for the Faint of Heart)

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It has just been announced that Artsploitation Films has acquired U.S. rights to Lucio A. Rojas' Trauma. The deal was signed at the European Film Market. Trauma is inspired by the brutal political regime of Augusto Pinochet - a Chilean dictator. This horrifying title had its World Premiere in Mexico City at the Morbido Film Festival (2017). It is now slated for home entertainment formats in early May. A preview of the film's U.S. launch is hosted here.

The brutal story begins with a group of women. They head out to a remote ranch, for peace and relaxation. Here, they are attacked and tortured by a group of men, who have already been tortured by Pinochet's regime. Chile's dark past and progressive present clash within Rojas' Trauma.

Trauma was shot in Chile and is a Spanish language film. The film's U.S. release date has been announced as May 1st. On this date, the film is sure to show in multiple home entertainment formats. Fans of the truly macabre and sinister can view the film's NC-17 trailer, which was released late in October of 2017.

Release Date: May 1st, 2018 (Formats TBA).

Director/writer: Lucio A. Rojas.

Cast: Catalina Martin, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar.

The trailer for Trauma (rated NC17 for scenes of rape, murder, torture and sexuality):

Sources: Trauma on Facebook

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