Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Horror Thriller Midnighters has a Dark Date on VOD (March 2nd): Release Details

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Tagline: "Killing is Easy. Getting Away with it is Murder."

The Midnighters had its World Premiere in Los Angeles, this past Summer. The showing was part of the LA Film Festival. Now, Midnighters is slated for a U.S. theatrical run, while also debuting through Video-on-demand. The film is a collaboration of brothers: Julius, Alston and Burke H. Ramsay. As well, Midnighters stars: Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes), Perla Haney-Jardine (Steve Jobs) and Dylan McTee. A trailer for the film was also released this past Summer (found below). And, fans of horror thrillers can find more on the film's future IFC Midnight release here.

The trailer and synopsis tell a tale of murder. On New Year's Eve, Lindsey (Essoe) and Jeff Pittman (McTee) return from a party, only to become involved in a car accident. The victim was looking for them and so are others. But why?

Self-described as a layered enigmatic thriller, Midnighters will release this March 2nd. Midnighters will be available through most VOD platforms, on this date. And, the latest Midnighters' artwork can be found here.

Release Date: March 2nd, 2018 (Limited Theatrical, VOD).

Director: Julius Ramsay.

Writer: Alston Ramsay.

Cast: Alex Essoe, Dylan McTee, Perla Haney-Jardine and Ward Horton.

A trailer for the film (courtesy of the UHM):

Early stills, from the film, can be found here: Midnighters' Movie Stills on 28DLA

A homepage for Midnighters: The Official Midnighters Webpage

Actress Essoe also starred in 2014's Starry Eyes:

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