Thursday, January 25, 2018

David Freyne's Trailer for The Cured Promises Rehabilitation But Delivers Mayhem

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The Cured, from director David Freyne, had its World Premiere last year. Now, this infectious styled thriller is set to release in the U.S., through IFC Films. The film takes place after a pandemic has swept the land. Some of the infected have been partially cured. Then, they are re-integrated into society, with deadly results. The Cured stars Ellen Page (Hard Candy, 2005), Sam Keeley (Anthropoid, 2016) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor. A preview of the film's upcoming launch is hosted here.

The trailer for The Cured is quite revealing. Senan is still a host to a strange infection. But, his violent tendencies have been thwarted. He is sent out into the community, to live with his sister-in-law. Here, he must face the results of his previous murderous actions. Then, as seen in the trailer, all hell breaks loose - across the city.

IFC Films has set February 23rd as the release date. In late February, The Cured will show in a few theatres, while simultaneously showing through Video-on-demand. The film will surely release in further territories, based on the quality of the writing. The Cured has already been called a "subversive" (Collider) zombie film. And, film fans can decide for themselves on the quality of director Freyne's latest.

Release Date: February 23rd, 2018 (Limited Theatrical, VOD).

Director/writer: David Freyne.

Cast: Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

The first trailer for The Cured (via IFC Films):

*previously titled Third Wave.

Freyne developed a prequel to The Cured, titled "First Wave." It can be found, in its entirety here: "First Wave" Short Film on Youtube

Source: The Cured at Rue Morgue

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