Thursday, November 06, 2014

Hungry Dogs Swarm an Isolated Family in Nick Robertson's The Pack: First Trailer

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The Pack is an Australian horror film. This title is currently at the AFM, where it will seek distribution in several markets. At the AFM, a sales trailer was just released for the film. This extended clip reveals some major plot points as a wild pack of dogs lays waste to a ranch and an isolated family. Produced by Michael Robertson (The Reef) and Kent Smith (The Tree), Lightning Entertainment has partially financed this film venture, which was filmed in Adelaide, South Australia. The full three minute trailer is hosted here.

From the synopsis, a family is experiencing financial hardship. Adam is set to lose his ranch, after much of his livestock has mysteriously disappeared. His wife's veterinary business is also suffering. But, Adam is determined to struggle onwards. Then, a celebratory feast is interrupted by a wild pack of dogs. Adam and his family will have to fight just to survive the night.

The sales trailer reveals several key points of the film. The first victim is shown hunted and attacked. As well, elements of the climax are revealed as the family fights these hungry and ferocious canines. Fans of horror can take a look below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Nick Robertson.

The sales trailer for The Pack is here:


The Pack at the UHM

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