Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Horror Vet' Bill Oberst Jr. Wins the Lon Chaney Award at FHFF

2014's Fantastic Horror Film Festival has come to a close, in San Diego, California. This year's winners have just been announced and actor Bill Oberst Jr. has won a "Lon Chaney Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Horror Films." This prestigious award was presented to Oberst Jr. by Ron Chaney (see left).

Oberst Jr. continues to take the horror world by storm. With appearances in over 100 films, this actor has an exceptional career. Fans of indie horror can expect to see Oberst Jr. in the upcoming films: Slay Utterly, Circus of Dread, Squeal: Blood Harvest and many more. The award ceremony was concluded Sunday, November 2nd and more award nominees are listed below.

Other award recipients include:

"Best Feature Film:"

Krampus: The Christmas Devil

"Best Director Feature:"

Jason Hull (Krampus: The Christmas Devil)

"Best Actress Feature Film"

Cindy Merrill (Deadly Revisions)

"Best Actor Feature Film"

Bill Oberst Jr. (Deadly Revisions).

The complete list of award winners can be found below:

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