Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Its Tea, Crumpets and Murder At Granny's House: First Trailer

Les Mahoney (Available) is nearing completion on his indie horror title At Granny's House. This horrifying title stars Rachel Alig (Bikini Spring Break), Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies), Laura Lee and more. Recently, Mahoney has released a teaser trailer for the film, which is found below. And, the film's official poster is hosted here.

In the film, Granny's house is taken over by a vengeful caretaker. Other strange characters reside in this isolated home and few will survive their visit to Granny's home.

The first teaser trailer for the film features Alig as Rebecca. Rebecca is the source of murder and a poison-ladened syringe is her tool of death. Meanwhile, Granny seems oblivious to all of the bloodshed. More on the film can be found below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director/writer: Les Mahoney.

Cast: Rachel Alig, Bill Oberst Jr., Laura Lee and Nissa Von Reiter.

The film`s trailer is here:

More news details on this film will be announced at the film's fan page, found here:

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