Monday, May 26, 2014

Undead Labs Promises More Zombie Mayhem in State of Decay: Lifeline

Undead Labs is gearing up to launch another zombie assault. Their newest game, for the XBox 360 and PC, is offering a second DLC, titled Lifeline. State of Decay: Lifeline will be available through the XBox marketplace May 30th and the price is only $6.99. Undead Labs promises lots more zombie action as the player takes control of a remote army base and the soldiers therein.

Fans of this game series can view a new trailer for this extension. The clip shows new characters, settings and scenarios. One short snippet displays how difficult driving is, especially underground. Gaming fans can preview the launch of State of Decay: Lifeline below.

Release Date: May 30th, 2014 (XBox, PC).

Developer: Undead Labs.

The official trailer for the DLC is here:

A Q & A on the launch of the game is available here:

State of Decay: Lifeline Q & A at Undead Labs


State of Decay: Lifeline at Igor's Lab

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