Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kristy Runs from a Hidden Killer in this First Trailer

The film Kristy has been developed under a few names. Originally, this film was titled Random. Later, it was renamed to Satanic and it has been retitled to its first name, Kristy. Recently, a trailer has been released for this horror title. The clip shows Justine (Haley Bennett) alone on a college campus; but, a few sychophants have remained behind. The trailer is a compelling one, which shows one woman fighting against the many.

For more on the story, Justine is confronted by a group of violent outcasts. Several students, on an lonely college campus, must band together and fight against this brutal gang. But, who are these sadists? And, what do they want? Justine will have to search for answers to these questions or become just another victim.

The film has been developed by director Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch), from Anthony Jaswinski's (Vanishing on 7th Street) script. As well, the film stars Ashley Greene, Lucas Till and Haley Bennett. Fans of film horror are encouraged to take a look at the exciting trailer below, with the international movie poster hosted above.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Oliver Blackburn.

Writer: Anthony Jaswinski.

Cast: Ashley Greene, Lucas Till, Haley Bennett, James Ransone and Mathew St. Patrick.

The international trailer for Kristy is here:


Kristy at Igor's Lab

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