Saturday, May 03, 2014

Demons and Gloom Haunt this Trailer for Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs

Okay By Me Productions has completed shooting on Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs. This film, from director Tom Woodruff Jr. (Aliens), is set in an alternate world, where demons hide in human form. The film stars Harry Shum Jr. (Step Up 3D), Mary-Margaret Humes, Danielle Chuchran and Kristin Minter. Fans of exceptional make-up effects and dark settings can take a look at the first trailer for Fire City here.

For more on the story, Atum is an ancient demon. Atum gathers her power from the misery of humanity. But, when the humans begin to find happiness, Atum and her cohort lose their strength. These demons will have to try harder to upset the locals, or be run out of Fire City forever.

The trailer for Fire City shows some of Woodruff's background in special effects. Woodruff has participated in over fourty films, in a specials effects capacity. Some of his quality handiwork can be seen in the first trailer for Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs, below.

Director: Tom Woodruff, Jr.

Writers: Brian Lubocki and Michael Hayes.

Cast: Mary-Margaret Humes, Harry Shum Jr., Danielle Chuchran, Kristin Minter and Eric Edwards.

The official trailer for the film is here:

More info' on the film is available here:

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