Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christian Slater Faces the Devil in this Trailer for Way of the Wicked

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Way of the Wicked is sneaking its way onto DVD through Image Entertainment. The film is from director Kevin Carraway (7 Below) and writer Matthew Robert Kelly. Way of the Wicked is a supernatural thriller, involving a series of mysterious murders in an isolated community. The film stars Vinnie Jones, Christian Slater and Emily Tennant. Fans of thrillers can preview the film's May, 2014 launch right here.

For more on the story, Father Henry (Slater) believes he has the solution to a series of brutal murders. A troubled youth is the number one suspect, but demonic forces might be at play. Can this priest rid this town of a lingering evil?

Way of the Wicked will release on DVD May 20th, 2014. Cinephiles can preview the launch below, with the film's unofficial trailer.

Release Date: May 20th, 2014 (DVD).

Director: Kevin Carraway.

Writer: Matthew Robert Kelly.

Cast: Vinnie Jones, Christian Slater, Emily Tennant, Jake Croker and Aren Buchholz.

*trailer removed by request. A new, official one is coming soon.


Way of the Wicked at Image Entertainment

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