Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cannibals Spotted in the Woods of Sophia,Bulgaria in Wrong Turn 6

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Irish director Declan O'Brien has been replaced by Re-kill director Valeri Milev for the sixth installment in the Wrong Turn series. It has been ten years since actress Eliza Dushku played Jessie, a woman chased by a gang of cannibal hillbillies. A ten year run with five sequels makes the Wrong Turn film series one of the longest running horror franchises in recent history. And, a few updates have been released for Wrong Turn 6.

This production has already started shooting in Sophia, Bulgaria. As well, several casting announcements have been released. Most recently, Sadie Katz of House of Bad (2013) fame has joined the cast, along with: Aqueela Zoll (Killjoy Goes to Hell), Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Rollo Skinner and Billy Ashworth. Fox Entertainment will produce this latest sequel as it did with Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines.

Story details are being kept in mystery. However, horror fans can preview more cast and crew details below.

Release Date: Q3, 2014.

Director: Valeri Milev.

Writer: Frank H. Woodward.

Cast: Sadie Katz, Aqueela Zoll, Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth, Joe Gaminara, Harry Belcher, Raymond Steers, Luke Cousins, Tabitha Luke Eardley and Roxanne Pallett.


Wrong Turn 6 at Movie Web

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