Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Enter the Darkroom January 28th, 2014 on DVD

Director Britt Napier's Darkroom was revealed late in 2012. Here, the film attended the American Film Market and a trailer was released. This year, the film has secured a distribution date for the film in Canada and the USA, through Phase 4 Films. The film's DVD artwork is hosted here. And, the film stars Kaylee DeFer ("Gossip Girl"), Elisabeth Röhm ("Law & Order") and Christian Campbell ("Big Love").

The film's story is one of tragedy. Michelle (DeFer), the protagonist, is recovering from a horrible car accident, that left three of her friends dead. She was under the influence of alcohol. After rehab, Michelle takes a strange job at a photo shoot, but the photographer has lured her to an isolated locale for more dubious reasons.

Fans of horror can mark their calendars for January 28th, 2014. This is the date that Darkroom will be released. This mysterious tale also has a trailer, which is hosted below.

Release Date: January 28th, 2014 (DVD, VOD).

Director: Britt Napier.

Writer: Michaelbrent Collings.

Cast: Kaylee DeFer, Elisabeth Röhm, Christian Campbell, Tobias Segal, and Steve Stanulis.

The trailer for Darkroom is here:

The film's homepage is here:

The Darkroom Official Webpage


Darkroom at Phase 4 Films

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