Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Kondelik Brothers "M is for Masochist" is Sure to Win the ABCs of Death 2 Film Competition

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Directors Jon Kondelik and James Kondelik are best known for their award winning work on A House is not a Home, starring Gerald Webb. This film won "Best Horror Feature" at the Burbank International Film Festival. Now, the brothers have set their sights on the ABCs of Death 2 film competition. Their entry is titled "M is for Masochist" and the short feature stars genre vet' Bill Oberst Jr.

In the short film, three young men find themselves in a sidestreet carnival. Here, a man is pinned to the board and they have every weapon imaginable at their disposal. Now, they must make the man bleed, at the bequest of a strange carnie (Oberst Jr.).

"M is for Masochist" is a very strong entry into the ABCs of Death 2 competition. Fans of horror can view the full feature at the link below. And, if you enjoy the show, then give the film a Facebook Like, so that the feature can make it into the next round of competition.

Directors: Jon and James Kondelik.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr.

"M is for Masochist" can be viewed at the competition page for the film, found here:

"M is for Masochist" At the ABCs of Death 2 Competition Page

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