Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Blackout Brings Fun in the Sun and Thrills September 3rd, 2013

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The Blackout is the latest comedy and thriller to be released by actor and director Matt Hish. This title has been picked up by distribution company Uncork'd Entertainment for release this September. The film takes inspiration from Animal House (1978) and the The Hangover (2009). Fans can preview the unrated trailer below.

The film involves a band, set for a World Tour. A night of revelry turns into debauchery and the World Tour is put on hold, until the contract can be found. Now, the four bandmates will have to drink alcohol, in order to piece their night together (state dependent learning) and find their lucrative contract. Can the band save their tour?

The film has gathered an excellent cast. Actors Michael Fraziadei (Boogeyman 2), Scott Rosa, John Joyce and Flood Reed play one of the exuberant bandmates. And, actress Autumn Federici plays Jenny, the wife of one of the bandmates. Shannelle Workman and Shane Lynch also star.

The Blackout will show through a limited theatrical run August 26th, 2013. Then, this thriller will show on various video-on-demand formats (listed below), before launching on Redbox. Film fans can view other release details for the film below.

Release Date: August 26th, 2013 (World Premiere, Laemmle Theatre, Exclusive Showing), September 3rd (VOD, Xbox, Comcast, iTunes, Amazon) September 24th (Redbox).

Director: Matt Hish. Writer: Keith Brown.

Cast: Michael Graziadei, Autumn Federici, Scott Rosa, Flood Reed, Matt Hish, Shane Lynch and Shanelle Workman.

The unrated trailer for The Blackout is listed here (nudity):

The film's fan page:

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