Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scale the Tower of the Dead with this Early Preview

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Tagline: "To Survive The Night, They'll Descend Into Hell."

Several production companies are working on the upcoming zombie feature Tower of the Dead. Angry Badger Pictures, Big Cat Productions and several other companies are currently in pre-production on this soon to be British film. And, a few promotional details have been revealed for this thriller.

Tower of the Dead involves an anti-terrorist squad, who are tasked with infiltrating a huge tower block and arresting several plotters, there. They face more than terrorists, though. A horde of the undead lie in wait. And, the police with have to team up with the criminals, in order to survive this night of terror.

An early concept poster is available for the film (above). The graphic shows some of the undead and several of the main characters. Fans of horror can stay tuned as the film moves through production.

Release Date: 2013.

Director: Ross Boyask.

Cast (unconfirmed): Martin Compston, Sean Pertwee, Jason Maza, Antonia Thomas, and Colin Salmon.

*alternate synopsis: "An armed response team is tasked with breaching a fortified tower block and interrogate a notorious arms dealer in order to capture a dirty bomb terror suspect."


Tower of the Dead at Stealth Media Group

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