Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bizarre Experiments Take Place in the Bowels of an Abandoned Hospital in this Trailer for Seventy-Nine

Director Filip Maciejewics (Infected) and Magic Elevator Films have completed production on Seventy-Nine (June, 2013). This indie horror title takes place in a psychiatric hospital and the film was shot in Los Angeles, CA. Magic Elevator Films will self-distribute this title. And, fans of horror can preview the film's trailer and poster here.

In the story, several researchers try to cure violent tendencies in their patients, through brainwashing. Of course, the experiments do not go according to plan and some of the patients are set loose in the confines of the hospital. Mayhem is unleashed on the researchers.

The teaser trailer for Seventy-Nine was released in April of this year. But, a few horror fans might have missed its debut, like this one. The clip is below.

Director/writer: Filip Maciejewicz.

Cast: Jonathan Rosenthal, Adrian Voo, Bo Linton, Christine Springett, Athena Baumeister, Velta Moore, Patrick Edward Wynne, Omar Hansen and Caroline Attwood.

The trailer for Seventy-Nine:


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