Saturday, July 06, 2013

Actor Mem Ferda Joins Several Ghost Hunters in Apparitional: A Preview

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Picture Palace Films is developing the horror thriller Apparitional. This film was shot in Jefferson City, Missouri and other locations; the film is currently in post-production. Director Andrew P. Jones (Kings of the Evening) is helming this project, with horror icon Dee Wallace set to star. Recently, it has also been announced that actor Mem Ferda will take on producer duties for this reality show styled horror film.

The film follows several ghost hunters. They hope to document real life spirits in an old closed down prison. The prison has a murderous history and some of that past comes back from the dead to haunt this, now, desperate film crew.

Producer Ferda speaks of the old Missouri State Penitentiary and the ghosts that still haunt the location: "I am pleased to have joined such a talented group of individuals. This film will be very frightening. And, having been shot at the old Missouri State Penitentiary, it will host lots of thrills and added suspense." Apparitional will be released shortly and fans of the film can preview the film's first poster here. More cast and crew details are located below.

Directed by: Andrew P. Jones.

Producers: Barney Burman, Andrew P Jones, Mem Ferda, Andy Meyer and Linara Washington.

Cast: Dee Wallace, Linara Washington, Charley Koontz, Jeffrey Johnson and John Zderko.

*tagline: "The goal: to get Apparitional evidence on camera. The challenge: to get out alive!"

More details on Apparitional can be found here:

Apparitional at Picture Palace Films

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