Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Second Trailer for Gallowwalkers Shines Brighter

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The second trailer for horror western Gallowwalkers has been released recently. Cinephiles will already realize that this film was completed in 2007. However, the key actor, Wesley Snipes, was convicted for tax evasion, which led the film to be put on hold. The film is now moving towards a release date, with Gallowwalkers recently showing at the European Film Market (Feb. 8th). From this film market, a second trailer for this feature has been released.

This second trailer is a major improvement over the first. Although shorter, this clip shows spit and polish, with central character Aman (Snipes) wandering the wastes. Aman is the son of a nun and his mother has broken her covenant with God. This break leaves Aman cursed and followed by those men and women he has killed. The clip shows a few of the many characters who Aman has encountered once, twice and sometimes three times before. Have a look at the clip below.

Director: Andrew Goth.

Writers: Andrew Goth and Joanne Reay.

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth, Riley Smith, Tanit Phoenix, Simona Brhlíková, Steven Elder, Patrick Bergin, and Jay Grant.

The second trailer for Gallowwalkers is here:


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