Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Obsessed Painter Looks for Blood in this Dark Hearts Trailer

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Dark Hearts is an upcoming thriller from Vision Films. This film has recently played at film festivals including the Raindance Film Festival. And, the film's story focuses on an obsessed painter who falls in love with a seductive songstress. This singer is not who Colson (Kyle Schmid) believes her to be. Instead, Fran (Sonja Kinski) likes to create conflict between Colson and his younger brother, Sam (Lucas Till). Sparks fly when secrets are revealed, in this trailer.

The first trailer for Dark Hearts is below. The reel shows the complex relationships that occur between families and strangers. Thriller fans can preview the film below.

Release Date: 2013.

Director: Rudolf Buitendach.

Writer: Christian Piers Betley.

Cast: Kyle Schmid, Sonja Kinski, Lucas Till and Rachel Blanchard.

The trailer for Dark Hearts is here:

*runtime is 90 minutes.


Dark Hearts at Vision Films

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