Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Speak No Evil - But Run From the Devil in this First Trailer

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A trailer for the independent horror feature Speak No Evil has been released. The clip hosts an eclectic series of images, most of which offer chills. The story follows a single mother played by Gabrielle Stone as she tries to find her kidnapped daughter. The town has gone mad and the local inhabitants are possessed by evil. Have a look at the demonic forces at work with the trailer, hosted below.

Speak No Evil is being developed by And, this title will release in the Summer of 2013 through Mind Plate's online format and through a limited theatrical run.

Release Date: Q3 2013.

Director/writer: Roze.

Cast: Gabrielle Stone, Greg Bronson, Dawn Nixon, Sylvie Cohen and Machelle Glassburn.

The trailer for the film is here:

*Gabrielle Stone is the daughter of horror icon Dee Wallace.

The film's fan page is here:

Speak No Evil on Facebook

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