Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fear the Reaper and the Tasmanian Devils in this First Trailer

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Zach Lipovsky`s Tasmanian Devils will premiere on television January 19th. SyFy will host the release at 9:00pm. And, fans of blood and gore will want to preview the launch here. Lipovsky has revealed the film`s first trailer.

In the clip, Alex (Danica McKellar) acts as a ranger. She has stories to tell of an ancient predator, the Tasmanian Devil! But, a group of base jumpers are unafraid of the legend and they find a group of ravenous creatures waiting for them in an isolated forest. Let the blood fly, in the film`s first trailer below.

Premiere Date: January 19th (Television, SyFy Network).

Director: Zach Lipovsky.

Writer: Brook Durham.

Cast: Danica McKellar, Kenneth Mitchell, Mike Dopud, Roger R. Cross, Apolo Ohno, Rekha Sharma and Terry Chen.

The trailer for Tasmanian Devils is here:

*filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia

More on the film at the SyFy Network:

Tasmanian Devils on SyFy


Tasmanian Devils at Quiet Earth

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