Sunday, November 11, 2012

The True Nature of Patrick Steele's Film to be Revealed January 22nd

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Tagline: "Somewhere between life and death lies the truth."

True Nature is a horror thriller from first time feature film director Patrick Steele. True Nature keeps much of its dark story hidden as seen in the film's trailer. Essentially, Becky (Carolyn McCormick) is abducted while jogging at night. She goes missing for over a year. But then, she turns up out of the blue. What has she experienced? And, what horrors has she seen?

Fans of dramatic thrillers can find out the answers to these questions and others January 22nd. Monarch Home Entertainment will release this title on DVD and the film's official artwork is hosted below. Prepare for mystery, intrigue and more with True Nature set to launch shortly.

Release Date: January 22, 2013 (DVD).

Director/writer: Patrick Steele.

Cast: Carolyn McCormick, Marianne Porter, Reg Land, David Darlow, John Woodruff, Marc Pitman, Michael Accardo and Kevin R. Kelly.

The official trailer for True Nature is here:

*this title has won numerous awards including Best Feature at the Rhode Island Int. Film Festival, the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival.


True Nature at Monarch Home Entertainment

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