Sunday, November 11, 2012

"The Graveyard Feeder" is Building a Bigger Cemetery: A Short Film Review

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*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by Rich Robinson for review.

Director: Rich Robinson.

Writers: Aaron Beck, Rich Robinson, and Jeff Stepp.

Cast: Sean Bridgers and Tom Barker.

Tagline: "Burke Sawyer is saving the cooter at a time."

"The Graveyard Feeder" is a short film from director Rich Robinson (Marcus). "The Graveyard Feeder" was shot in North Carolina. And, the film involves a caretaking team which consists of a father, Pop (Tom Barker), and son, Burke (Sean Bridgers). They are tending to the tombstones and to an invader. A necromancer is stealing bodies from the cemetery and this dysfunctional duo is doing their comedic best to save the souls of those buried there.

This short film is a solid intro' to the feature film that is coming for "The Graveyard Feeder." The primary characters are introduced. As well, the Juniper Falls Cemetery, which is the primary setting, is shown in medium and long shots. The film's tone is also set. This is a comedic feature with elements of horror incorporated into the narrative. It is difficult not to laugh as the father chastises the son for not doing enough: "[there are] more souls that need saving." Elements of horror include the setting and characters: a corpse and an antagonistic warlock. The production values on this outing are expertly crafted and the film is lighthearted and a joy to watch.

"The Graveyard Feeder" is currently in development; Rich Robinson is preparing to turn this short film into a full length feature. Robinson has already cast actor Sean Bridgers in the title role for the feature. Actor Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies) and actress Angela Bettis (The Woman) have been cast in roles. The feature will show more of the antagonist, who is displayed here offscreen only in puffs of smoke. There is a need for more blends of horror and comedy in film. And, this horror fan will be watching for Robinson's next deceased creation.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10 (solid acting, good shooting style, an intriguing story, more was needed from the villain - an appearance).

More on "The Graveyard Feeder" can be found on the film's fan page below:

"The Graveyard Feeder" on Facebook

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