Friday, September 07, 2012

Barry Levinson's The Bay Chews Through this First Trailer

A new infection thriller is set to debut on the horizon. This latest title, The Bay, has been completed and it will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival September 12th. Later, The Bay will have a wide release beginning November 2nd.

In the film's first trailer, a new breed of shellfish have taken root in Chesapeake Bay. They burrow into fish and humans alike. Once inside, they begin eating their way to the outside. Have a look at the bloody clip below with more details to come.

Release Date: November 2nd, 2012 (Theatrical).

Director: Barry Levinson.

Writer: Michael Wallach.

Cast: Kristen Connolly, Jane McNeill, Anthony Reynolds, Kether Donohue, Michael Beasley, Christopher Denham, Andy Stahl, Stacy Rabon, and Kenny Alfonso.

The trailer for The Bay is here:


The Bay at Quiet Earth

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