Friday, September 07, 2012

"Revolution" and Taking a Bold First Step Forward: A Television Review ("Pilot")

Creator: Eric Kripke.

Directors : Steve Boyum and Jon Favreau.

Producer: J. J. Abrams.

Cast: JD Pardo, Zak Orth, Maria Howell, David Lyons, Daniella Alonso, Shane Callahan, Ken Arnold, Sharika Blockett, Billy Burke, Michael Duisenberg, Giancarlo Esposito, and Aaron Farb.

The premiere episode of "Revolution" was released this week. The episode is slated to rebroadcast September 17th and this sci-fi series has taken a bold first step with this premiere episode. Although bloodless, "Revolution" captures a post-apocalyptic landscape in an action packed fashion. Sci-fi and thriller fans will want to watch out for this series as the pilot was excellent.

In the pilot, characters, settings and the main plot were developed. This episode focused on the Madison family. A patriarch is killed and his daughter is sent to muster his brother. The brother now lives in Chicago, which is a haven for refugees and militia. A family reunion takes place, which involves sword fighting and some drinking.

The pilot episode set the stage for what is to come. There seems to be a major plotline involving who has turned off the electricity across North America. This lack of juice has created some anarchy and some tribal situations. Though, some characters still have access to the internet. A conspiracy is definitely afoot.

As well, the protagonists and antagonists were set apart. One former insurance adjuster sure knows how to intimidate his quarry. Meanwhile, the protagonists are still trying to band together in the face of multiple military units. There was enough shown in the episode to pique this viewer's interest and hopefully the series continues to develop in this well paced way.

Much of what was seen in this first outing was excellent. The music, while very medieval in tone, was constantly amplifying the events onscreen. Tension was increased with the rousing score. The acting across the board was of quality. Many of the action scenes were well choreographed and complex. The dialogue was interesting and it felt real. This premiere episode incorporated lots of action and this fourty plus minute episode was entertaining much of the way through.

Anyone who missed the showing of "Revolution's" pilot this week will receive a second chance to watch. September 17th is the date when the episode reviewed here will be re-broadcast. And sci-fi fans should not miss this first showing, which covers a lot of ground. This reviewer will definitely be watching September 24th when the next episode, "Pontiac, Illinois" debuts.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10 (good acting, fast paced, good scenes, appropriate use of cgi including wide and medium shots, tense and mysterious).

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