Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nightbeasts Secures Distribution for Foreign Markets Through Wonderphil Productions

The last time 28DLA had heard from Nightbeasts the film had won "Best in Genre (Horror)" at the Midnight Black Festival of Darkness. The good news continues as Wes Sullivan has recently announced that his film has received foreign distribution through Wonderphil Productions. Those lucky enough to live in Europe and other territories will be able to view the film in a limited theatrical run followed by multiple secondary releases on home video, video-on-demand and television. Those located domestically or in North America will have to wait just a little longer as the film is currently in negotiations with multiple partners for a showing in Canada and the United States.

Those unfamiliar with the story should have a look at the trailer for Nightbeasts below. In the clip, a father and son find something large and looming in darkness on a camping trip. A native legend talks of seven foot monsters roaming the woods and Nightbeasts captures a lot of what a creature feature should highlight: mystery, thrills and a deeper message. Enjoy the reel below and expect a specific release date to come shortly for both domestic and international territories.

Release Date: 2012 (likely).

Director/writer: Wes Sullivan.

Cast: Zach Galligan, Robert Miano, Chad Trager, and Holly Wilson.

The trailer for Nightbeasts is here:

Visit the Nightbeasts' homepage here:

Nightbeasts' Official Website

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