Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dead Shadows Gets International Attention: New Trailer

Director: David Cholewa.

Writer: Jule Vincent.

Cast: Fabian Wolfrom, Blandine Marmigère, John Fallon and Rurik Sallé.

The internet is abuzz with news about Dead Shadows, a French produced B-styled movie about Chris (Wolfrom Fabian), a lad whose parents were killed the last time Halley’s Comet passed through the solar system. That was 11 years ago. But on the night a new comet appears, this young man may have to relive uncomfortable memories when the people around him start to mutate and the military arrives to try and contain the situation.

Quiet Earth is suggesting that this film may contain some Lovecraftian tones. The idea of cosmic horror and the way the humans are mutating, tentacles and all, is not necessarily a characteristic of this seminal author’s style. It may be Japanese; this culture’s cinematic obsession with tentacles and sex is well known but that is not the direction this movie is going. The trailer suggests Delta Green meets Iczer One. The military task force is based on an idea created by Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller, and John Tynes of Pagan Publishing, a company that specializes in role playing games. Iczer One is a classic anime with many Cthulhu inspired motifs, but most of it was due to inaccurate translation.

The teaser trailer has plenty of material for the curious to interpret. Early reports have unveiled a German distributor and a possible VoD release via Netflix. The movie is suggested to arrive in late 2012.

The trailer for Dead Shadows is here:


Dead Shadows at Quiet Earth

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