Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Supernatural and Revisiting the Devil: A Television Review (“Meet the New Boss")

*here be spoilers.

Director: Phil Sgriccia.

Writer: Sera Gamble.

"Supernatural's" season seven premiere is looking promising as long as the series' writers know where to focus the tale. Like previous seasons, new story arcs are revealed as the episode picks up from last season's cliffhanger. Castiel introduced himself as the new God and he is pissed.

The war in heaven is still going on in “Meet the New Boss,” and as Castiel works to establish himself around the world, mostly in the United States, there is someone behind the scenes who is watching. It may not necessarily be a case of stomach upset. The segment of where the stained glass image of Jesus gets changed to Castiel as the new messiah cannot go unnoticed. It may hint at the things to come for later episodes.

As Castiel takes the mantle of Lord Almighty, he is purging the world of hypocrites and false prophets. While he tries to be a just God, only wrathful to those who forsake or lie to him, he is also remaking the world in his image. He reveals to some people that his father, the original grey haired Lord, has left them.

When considering how large the multiverse is, the old God has to be somewhere. Perhaps he's made a new universe and he is taking care of business there. Some loose threads from last season’s stories are still unwinding, and they have yet to resolve themselves. But to know why the original God has left this universe is still a mystery, and not even Death knows. They could be poker buddies, and Death is not telling.

He does reveal that Cas' ate more than just human souls. The Leviathan may be the new villain of the season and for Death to talk about it in plural form says there are more than just one. These creatures are also not simply ancient sea dwellers. Hebrew and Jewish texts label the creature as a multi-headed demonic serpent and also mention the Behemoth. When the two battle, it's the end of the world (again). Either entity can threaten everything on the petri dish known as the "Supernatural" universe, and God locked away the Leviathan away in Purgatory, much to Death's chagrin.

But with them possibly destroying Cas' from within, they're setting themselves up as a new purveyor of evil. They now own Cas' body and may very well give the fallen angels, like Crowley a run for his money. Now that will be a match of the millennium that can cap off either the mid-season or season with.

Although Misha Collins revealed that he will no longer be a series regular for season seven, that still does not prevent him from making special appearances if future episodes require him. As one subplot play on, another involves Sam as though his affair with the original Lord of Hell is not over with.

Lucifer is moreorless back to torment Sam, who now has all of his memories back. This episode is slick in not saying if this Old Nick is a figment of Sam's imagination or not. And when Dean goes to find Sam, he is nowhere to be seen. Did he go back to Hell? The peeks into that realm are looking better than the cheap fire effects, and that is another thread from last season that is thankfully continuing. If the hints from Sam are true, Michael, the Archangel, is going to be important this season.

But until the series writers decide on which antagonist and story-arc is going to be prominent, there are only 23 episodes to get to the point. Let's hope season seven will not take the same tumble as it did with the Mother-of-All storyline.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10.

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