Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ninjas vs Monsters Completes Justin Timpane's Trilogy: Production Preview

Justin Timpane will complete his trilogy of films with Ninjas vs Monsters. The first two titles involved zombies and vampires in Ninjas vs Zombies (2008) and Ninjas vs Vampires (2010). Now, the werewolf and the mummy get the headlock, as Timpane brings back actor Daniel Ross for one more martial arts brawl. Production on this title is expected to begin in the Spring of 2012. For now, a concept poster is available and the short synopsis tallks of several twenty-somthing, slackers saving the world once again, in comic book style. Those interested in this series can read one of the comic book companion pieces for Ninjas vs. Zombies below. More to come shortly!

Production Begins: Spring 2012.

Director/writer: Justin Timpane.

Cast: Daniel Ross.

The film's fan page:

Ninjas vs Monsters on Facebook

A comic book episode for Ninjas vs Zombies:

Ninjas vs Zombies at Azure Press

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