Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Children of the Corn: Genesis Brings Pagan Worshiping Children in this Trailer

Dimension Extreme is poised to strike at pocketbooks everywhere August 30th with Children of the Corn: Genesis. Unbelievably, there are over 15 hours of film dedicated to Stephen King's short story "Children of the Corn," which can be read in under a half hour. This tenth film in the "Children of the Corn" is working off of some skimpy material and the film shows Hollywood's addiction to remakes and sequels. There is already another remake of the original Children of the Corn in development, outside of the 2009 SyFy redo. Try another story Dimension Extreme and try for something outside the comfort zone.

The official trailer for Children of the Corn: Genesis is below. In the clip, Billy Drago plays the Preacher, a man trying to keep one town's secrets hidden. Murderous children and Pagan worshipers have sacrificed the local townsfolk and now they are looking for new blood. Have a look at the clip below.

The synopsis for Children of the Corn: Genesis:

"Tim and Allie seek shelter in a remote desert compound after becoming lost and stranded. A strange Manson-like character, Preacher, reluctantly allows them inside with strict orders to be gone by morning and not wander "where you are not invited." At first, Preacher and his mail-order wife Oksana deny the faint screams and cries that emanate from one of the crumbling outbuildings. When Allie sneaks outside to investigate, she discovers that she and Tim have stumbled onto a bizarre cult. worshiping an entity that may - or may not - dwell inside a haunted little boy" (Dimension).

Release Date: August 30, 2011 (DVD).

Director/writer: Joel Soisson.

Cast: Barbara Nedeljakova, Billy Drago, Kelen Coleman, and Tim Rock.

The trailer for Children of the Corn: Genesis:

*follows Children of the Corn Revelation (2001).


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