Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vampyre Nation Sees a World at War in Todor Chapkanov's Latest

This is an early look at an upcoming post-apocalyptic vampire thriller titled Vampyre Nation. This film is from the man who made Weather Wars and Monster Wolf, Todor Chapkanov. Vampyre Nation stars Andrew Lee Potts ("Primeval"), Neil Jackson (Push) and Ben Lambert. In the future, vampires and humans live in a cold war atmosphere, where a synthetic blood substitute keeps the bloodsuckers at bay, temporarily. This truce will last for only so long.

Chapkanov's previous films Weather Wars and Monster Wolf were both shown on the SyFy Network and this title will also likely show on this channel, in 2012. This director also completed work on Miami Magma, which was shown on television. Have a look at all the details for this production below, courtesy of UFO International.

The synopsis for Vampyre Nation:

"Bucharest, Romania: the not-too-distant future, but an entirely different city. The human population is dwindling. The vampire population, meanwhile, is exploding. Having emerged from the shadows a decade earlier, vampires now walk openly amongst the human population, as a precarious peace exists between the two. A peace made possible by the introduction of a synthetic blood substitute, dispensed by the Romanian government, making traditional vampire feeding, and preying on humans, no longer necessary. But even so, it's not a peace that everyone is entirely comfortable with" (IMDB).

Director: Todor Chapkanov.

Writer: Rafael Jordan.

Producers: Jeffery Beach, Cherise Honey, and Phillip J. Roth.

Cast: Ben Lambert, Andrew Lee Potts, Neil Jackson, Claudia Bassols, and Roark Critchlow.


Vampyre Nation at UFO International

Also from Chapkanov:

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