Friday, July 08, 2011

Raven Banner Entertainment Acquires Alien Lifeforms in Spores

Raven Banner Entertainment has just announced the acquisition of sci-fi thriller Spores. This is a Russian shot film, which deals with a crashing meteorite and mutating aliens. Paying homage to Gareth Edwards' Monsters, Spores will be released soon and fans of science fiction can check out the trailer below.

In the clip, alien creatures dart in an out of an abandoned factory, as characters face unimaginable beings. Airborne and on foot, Spores will bring alien destruction to movie fans late in 2011 or early 2012 (a prediction).

The synopsis for Spores is here:

"A group of friends traveling through the countryside stumble upon an old, abandoned Soviet factory. The group decides to explore, and document what they find, but their curiosity brings them face-to-face with unimaginable danger.Alien spores have traveled to Earth within a meteorite, and are quickly multiplying and mutating once they hit the earth. Who among the group of threatened humans will fight? Who will survive? And what will the ultimate outcome of this terror be for the planet?" (Orbit Films).

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Maksim Dyachuk.

Producer: Dina Green.

VFX Effects and Compositing: Maksim Dyachuk.

Cast: Natalia Rybjakova, Oleg Burlakov, Valery Kuzmenko, Elena Sherbakova, Vladimir Kokin, Leonid Gusarov, and Nikolay Dubkov.

The sci-fish trailer for Spores is here:

from Maxim Dyachuk on Vimeo.

Spores at Orbit Films:

Spores at Orbit Films (Cast/Crew Details)

Enjoyable, as well:

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