Saturday, July 09, 2011

Cyborgs Become a Lucrative Black Market Business in Cybornetics

360 Sound and Vision Productions is moving ahead with their sci-fi thriller Cybornetics. This is a film which envisions a world of cyborgs. As well, Ice Morales (Leiba) is a shady businessman who runs a corporation building these human hybrids. Cybornetics is currently in pre-production, with 2012 the expected release date. Raw Leiba (Conan the Barbarian), Renes Rivera and Justin A. Davis will star. Check out the preview on this exciting project below.

The Cybornetics synopsis is blasting off below:

"Cybornetics is a futuristic science fiction feature film about a group of scientists, working for the United States government, who are in a competitive race to develop a cyborg. This cyborg is a biologically modified hybrid human, which possesses the latest in advanced bionic limb and sensory technology. All of this technology is completely controlled by a living brain! Ice Morales (Raw Leiba) is a high class Man of Opportunity involved in everything from real estate to drug running. He is a powerfully built,highly intelligent and very wealthy John Gotti of the future" (360 Sound and Vision).

Release Date: 2012.

Director/writer: Dwayne Buckle

Raw Leiba, Hillary Hawkins, James Rich and Justin A. Davis.

Updates on Cybornetics will be posted at the 360 Sound and Vision website:

360 Sound and Vision Homepage

360 Sound and Vision film productions also made the thriller Glasses (2006):

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