Friday, July 15, 2011

Jesse Eisenberg Stars in Camp Hell on DVD August 9th

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Your horrifying vacation at Bible camp begins August 9th, 2011 on DVD with Camp Hell. Previously titled Camp Hope, this thrilling title stars Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network),Dana Delany, Andrew McCarthy and Will Denton. In the film, the devil tries to tempt camp-goers with the sins of the flesh, while possessing those too weak to resist. Maple Pictures will distribute this horror title and believers and non-believers are invited to enjoy the trailer below, which is full of sin!

The synopsis for Camp Hell:

"At the end of every summer, the children of a local community attend Camp Hope. While teaching them the ways of a proper society, one teacher leads them, unknowingly, into a world of evil. As deep dark secrets are exposed about Camp Hope, the children’s bodies slowly start to be taken over by something evil. What was supposed to be a safe summer camp has now turned into a nightmare that not even faith can end" (Maple Pictures).

Release Date: August 9th, 2011 (DVD).

Director/writer: George VanBuskirk.

Cast: Dana Delany, Andrew McCarthy, Caroline London, Will Denton, Bruce Davison, Connor Paolo and Jesse Eisenberg.

The trailer for Camp Hell is here (disturbing images):

Special features include:

-deleted scenes

-trailer gallery


Camp Hell at Maple Pictures

Pre-order Camp Hell here and say hello to your nightmares:

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