Friday, June 24, 2011

Hellraiser: Revelations is Offering a Viewing Hell from Dimension Extreme

Dimension Extreme continues to flirt with disaster in their latest release Hellraiser: Revelations. This is the ninth Hellraiser film and the first to not have actor Doug Bradley in the lead role of Pinhead. All nine films are based on Clive Barker's novel The Hellbound Heart. Early reviews on this latest film have not been kind, with the Foy Wonder at Dread Central calling this film "rushed" and giving the film 0 out of 5 knives. So, this article is more of a warning than an endorsement. More details on the release are below.

The synopsis for Hellraiser: Revelations is here:

"Two friends in Mexico discover the Lament Configuration and unleash Pinhead, but one decides to try to survive by swapping himself with someone else. Once they go missing, family members go in search of them but find Pinhead instead" (Dread).

Release Date: October 18, 2011 (DVD, Blu-Ray).

Director: Victor Garcia.

Writer: Gary J. Tunnicliffe.

Cast: Steven Brand, Clyde McKnight, Sebastien Roberts, Sanny Van Heteren, Tracey Fairaway, Stephan Smith Collins, Devon Sorvari, Daniel Buran, Jolene Andersen, and Sue Ann Pien.

*the film was written and shot in 2 weeks, which is a very short production time.

**the film has a short runtime of 75 minutes. This does not qualify the film as a feature.


Hellraiser at Dread Central

Like watching a train wreck on film:

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