Friday, June 24, 2011

Sean Patrick Flanery to Star in Sci-fi Thriller Scavengers: First Sales Art

Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints) will be saving the universe in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Scavengers. This title has recently moved into production and Scavengers will release to sci-fi fans in November of 2011. The film itself follows a team of mercenaries, who uncover alien technology. They must then fight for this artifact's ownership. Jeremy London ("Party of Five"), Roark Critchlow ("V") and Louise Linton (The Echo) will also star. Have a look at the early details at what could be one of the more exciting sci-fi films to come out in 2011!

Tagline: "Survive the Void."

The synopsis for Scavengers is here:

"A team of space scavengers discovers alien technology that threatens the balance of the known universe. Pursued by galactic mercenaries the crew must fight through the deepest reaches of space to protect the alien device" (Camelot).

Status: Post-production.

Release Date: November, 2011.

Director: Travis Zariwny.

Producer: Steven Istock.

Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Jeremy London, Roark Critchlow and Louise Linton.


Scavengers at Camelot Entertainment

Actress Louise Linton also starred in thriller The Echo:

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