Friday, April 29, 2011

David Moody Unveils a Free Novella Today - For Autumn Book Fans

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Is the release of author David Moody's Autumn: Purification too much to bear? Then today is your luck day. Moody has just released a novella, titled "Duck and Cover," from the Autumn universe. This is a 10,000 word read available at Last of the Living for free!

In this novella, Councillor Ray Cox attempts to deal with a developing tragedy in the town of Taychester. One councillor versus the hordes of undead will clearly leave only one winner. More details on "Duck and Cover" are below, along with a link to said pages.

The outline for the novella is here:

"Councillor Ray Cox never wanted this level of responsibility. He went into local politics for the social status, the financial benefits and the personal perks, never to actually try and help anyone.

Things have suddenly changed.

The population of Taychester has been wiped out, and Ray's the only council member left alive. And now the hundreds of thousands of undead Taychester residents are looking towards him for answers..." (Moody).

Release Date: Now!

Author: David Moody.

The novella "Duck and Cover" can be found here:

Duck and Cover at LOTL

Other novels from David Moody and the Autumn world:

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