Friday, December 31, 2010

Clive Barker to Scribe "Hellraiser #1" with Matrix Alum Larry Wachowski

*This article was written by fellow 28DLA scribe Ed Sum.

Fans of Clive Barker's "Hellraiser" should take note: the man himself is returning to pen the next official chapter of this franchise in comic book form, to be published by Boom! Studios and the pivotal issue is slated to hit stands March 2011.

Barker is set to change things around in the configuration, the realm, where the Cenobites lurk. And there are changes in store for Pinhead, the leader of the Cenobites. As a bonus, this first issue will contain 40 pages, with a bonus story written by co-writer and co-director of the Matrix trilogy, Larry Wachowski.

This comic book release should be no surprise to people keeping tabs on a two decade old franchise.

In the video front, Hellraiser: Revelations, the next installment of the series, is set for 2011 as a direct-to-video release. The comic book does not tie-in to the movie. Like previous films, Barker is not involved in this film project.


Clive Barker's Upcoming Comic Book at Comic Book Resources

Other collaborations between Clive Barker and Larry Wachowski are listed here (first listed). Some are simply books from Clive Barker:

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