Sunday, August 01, 2010

R Squared Films Shows an Assortment of Horror Treats at the Week of Terror Film Festival

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The Week of Terror Film Festival takes place in Cuptertino, California each year and the festival begins September 17th. This years line up includes Closet Space, Long Pigs, Cryptic, Vindication, Director's Cut, Office of the Dead, Jingles the Clown, Aegri Somnia, Women's Studies and Carnies. Jingles the Clown is an independent film with laughs, as one clown entertains the kids with jokes. Yet, Jingles is not all fun and games with an axe in hand, but much more sick and twisted. Have a look at the trailer for Jingles the Clown inside and check out the showtimes of each of the features listed above.

The synopsis for Jingles the Clown:

"Angela Nelson returns home to the place where she witnessed her family slaughtered by the notorious killer clown, Mr. Jingles. Accompanied by a team of paranormal experts, they set out to prove the grounds are not haunted by the long-dead ghost of Mr. Jingles. But they will soon find out they are wrong... DEAD WRONG!" (IMDB).

Release Date: September 19th (Limited Run).

Direcor/writer: Tommy Brunswick.

Cast: John Anton, April Canning, Jim Lewis, Tevis R. Marcum, Virginia Bryant, and Nigora Mirkhanova.

The trailer for Jingles the Clown here:

Week of Terror Film Festival lineup:

Friday Sept 17th:
7PM: Office of the Dead
9PM: Premier Closet Space
11PM: Premier Long Pigs

Saturday Sept 18th:
5PM: Office of the Dead
7PM: Premier Carnies
9PM: Premier Cryptic
11PM: Premier Vindication

Sunday Sept 19th
4PM: Aegri Somnia
6PM: Women's Studies Premier
8PM: The Director's Cut
10PM: Jingles the Clown

Monday Sept 20th
7PM: Aegri Somnia
9PM: Closet Space
11PM: Long Pigs

Tuesday Sept 21st
7PM: Vindication
9PM: Cryptic
11PM: Women's Studies

Wednesday Sept 22nd
7PM: Aegri Somnia
9PM: Jingles the Clown
11PM: Carnies

Thursday Sept 23rd
7PM: Long Pigs
9PM: Closet Space
11PM: Carnies

More info' on these films at R Squared Films:

Jingles the Clown at R Squared

Jingles the Clown available now:

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