Sunday, August 01, 2010

Korea Traps Six People in a Home in The Deserted House

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The Deserted House is a haunted house styled horror feature from South Korea, which tells a tale of six missing people. Shown Blair Witch style, The Deserted House will tell its story through a discovered videotape. Currently, the film has no North American distribution, but the film shows some visual appeal through set design. Check out all the details on the film inside.

The synopsis for The Deserted House:

"Over the past 42 years, six people have gone missing, eight people have died accidentally and eleven cases of murder have occurred in a haunted deserted house somewhere in Gyeonggi Province. The home is now banned for all persons to enter. Nevertheless, three members of an abandoned house exploring club and three staff members of a broadcasting company go into the deserted house. All of them disappear without trace. Only a video is left behind ...

Release Date: August 19, 2010 (South Korea).

Director: Cheol-ha Lee.

Cast: Kyung-Sun Shin, Yi-Na Yun, In-Kul Jun, Hwa-Jung Lee, Tae-Ho Hyun, and So-Yul Shin.


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A previous film from director Cheol-ha Lee:

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