Friday, July 16, 2010

Lifeless the Television Series: A Call for Support!

"Lifeless" is a television series, currently, of three episodes that premiered on earlier this year. This zombie styled, apocalyptic series was shot by David and Eli Sasich and the series has found some success with fans at the However, David Sasich has stated that he requires greater funding and support to shoot further episodes. So, this article is a call to fans to watch each of the episodes either for the first time or again at As well, if the series sparks your interest leave a comment on the site and request more episodes. Otherwise, this television series will be drowned out by the current filming of the Frank Darabont undead series "The Walking Dead." The link for the series can be found below with the "Lifeless" trailer. Go there now!

The synopsis for "Lifeless" here:

"A global pandemic has decimated the population and left the cities deserted. When a handful of survivors find themselves stranded in the aftermath, with the dead returning to life, they must rely on each other to live in a world overrun by the walking dead" (Lifeless).

Release Date: 2010 (Interweb)

Directors: David Sasich, and Eli Sasich.

Writers: David Sasich.

Cast: Steve Andruzzi, David Fetzer, Bill Gillane, Bob Lanoue, and Lauren Mcknight.

The trailer for "Lifeless" here:

"Lifeless" on Fearnet:

Lifeless Episodes 1-3

The "Lifeless" homepage:

The Lifeless Homepage

Join the series on Facebook:

Lifeless on FB (Leave Comments)

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