Saturday, July 03, 2010

Director Jason Horton Confirms Cast for Monsters in the Woods

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The director of Edges of Darkness, Trap and others, Jason Horton, has dropped off a note for 28DLA about his latest project Monsters in the Woods. Horton has confirmed the casting of Glenn Plummer (Speed), Annemarie Pazmino (Trinity) and Kristian Bernard (Ride or Die). Horton has co-created at least two other projects with actress Annemarie Pazmino and actor Plummer will play Jayson: "[a] hot tempered director who leads his micro-budget crew into the woods to make a monster movie" (Horton). As well, Bernard is a producer and upcoming actor who has over a half dozen appearances in film over the last five years. Production will complete on this horror project in August of this year. Have a read of the film's synopsis until other updates on this unique creature feature become available.

The synopsis for the Monsters in the Woods here:

"A low-budget film crew treks deep into the wilderness to shoot horror sequences for their unsellable indie-drama. They soon find themselves in the midst of their own horror show as they are hunted down real monsters" (Monsters).

Director/writer: Jason Horton.

Producer: Robert Bravo.

Cast: Glenn Plummer, Annemarie Pazmino and Kristian Bernard.

*Horton says that the film is a "movie within a movie."

Monsters in the Woods on FB:

Monsters in the Woods on FB

An interview with Horton with the director talking about this feature:

Jason Horton Interview

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