Saturday, July 03, 2010

Home Invasion Thriller Cherry Tree Lane Visits Frightfest August 28th

Several horror film features have been announced as participating in the Frightfest 2010 Film Festival. Based in London, Frightfest is the premiere horror film festival in the United Kingdom, which hosts some of the most anticipated World Premieres in the thriller genre. Cherry Tree Lane is a film from director Paul Andrew Williams (The Cottage) that tackles the subjects of home invasions and youth violence in under eighty minutes. This feature will show at Frightfest August 28th and to build some excitement on the showing, two movie stills are on display below. In the photos characters Mike and Christine are held against their will in a brutal showdown between two distraught parents and a gang of youths. Step inside Cherry Tree Lane past the break.

The synopsis for Cherry Tree Lane here:

"Christine and Mike are an ordinary middle-class couple, living in what could be any house on any street. It is an average evening as they prepare dinner, open a bottle of wine and bicker as they wait for their teenage son, Sebastian, to come home from football.

A ring at the door is answered by Christine. A terrible scream and she reappears, a knife at her throat, a gang of teenagers at her back, who tie them both up. It seems Sebastian has grassed one of them up [squealed] and they are here to exact the worst revenge imaginable to a parent, but in the sincere belief they hold the moral high ground – that this is the right thing to do. They settle in to wait for Sebastian to come home" (Quiet).

Mike Played by Tom Butcher Gagged

Release Date: August 28th (Limited Run).

Director/writer: Paul Andrew Williams.

Cast: Rachael Blake, Tom Butcher, Sonny Muslim, Jumayn Hunter, and Ashley Chin.

Cherry Tree Lane at Frightfest:

Cherry Tree Lane at Frightfest


Cherry Tree Lane at Quiet Earth

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