Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Spain's Elio Quiroga to show The Haunting on DVD August 6th

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Fangoria will show The Haunting aka No-Do at Frightfest if the film garners enough votes from horror fans and the trailer below shows supernatural spirits coming out of the walls and in to your imagination below. Also to release on DVD August 6th, The Haunting is a ghost story taken from "newsreels about unexplainable phenomena" (Fangoria). So, step inside director Eli Quiroga dark vision of "eerie specters" and then cast your vote for the film at Fangoria's Frighfest contest, with a link found below (begins June 21st).

The synopsis for The Haunting:

"The Haunting aka No-Do and The Beckoning, follows new parent Francesca (Ana Torrent), who’s consumed by motherhood, postpartum depression and a bevy of shadowy figures and eerie specters, all threatening to drive her mad. "The Haunting is a ghost story about people who can see invisible things,” Quiroga says, “and also the story of the people that secretly filmed supernatural phenomena almost a century ago in Spain: the cameramen of the Secret No-Dos, old newsreels about unexplainable phenomena commissioned by the Catholic Church in the ’40s that have been kept buried in secret for decades” (Fangoria).

Release Date: August 6th (DVD).

Director/writer: Elio Quiroga.

Cast: Ana Torrent, Francisco Boira, Hector Colome, Rocio Munoz, and Francisco Casares.

The full trailer for The Haunting here (in Spanish language):

The Haunting website:

The Haunting Homepage

The Haunting at Frightfest:

The Haunting at Fangoria's Frightfest

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The Haunting at Fangoria

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